Red Tractor is the largest food programme in the UK, which covers all aspects of the food’s lifespan. The Red Tractor logo indicates that food is safe to eat, and has been produced responsibly – from farm to pack.


The Red Tractor Assurance programme regulates food quality in the United Kingdom. The assurance connects the food chain from farm to fork and maintains that it is traceable, safe, protective of the environment and ensures the physical and mental health of the animals.

The programme’s four key principles of animal welfare, environmental protection, food safety and traceability set the standard for farming, food and consumer safety.


Animal Welfare allows for the healthy environment of animals.

Environmental Protection encompasses special care of the land and countryside with the use of fertilisers and pesticides when essential to protect the land and the animals.

Food Safety prohibits the use of growth hormones by law and allows for medicine when deemed necessary by a veterinarian.

Traceability is the ability to trace the origin of the food through the supply chain back to the farm, while certifying that it is produced entirely in the UK.


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